Has Anyone Used Object Inheritance in Their Application

We have an application that we are starting to build that may be a candidate for using object inheritance.

I was wondering if anyone on this forum has used object inheritance in AgileApps and if so, what you experience with it was (pros/cons).


Hi Howard,

Using Object Inheritance, can create Child Objects that inherit capabilities from a parent object i.e, child object can inherits the fields and behaviors of a parent object.

Below link provides more information about Agileapps object inheritance -


Shashank G

Hi Shashank,

Thanks for the reply.

I do understand the concept of Child Objects (object inheritance). My question was if anyone was using that functionality, and what their experience with it has been.

The reason I am asking is because we attempted to use Roll-up Summary Fields (RSF) in our application. We discovered two bugs in that process. The first was that if you turned on Synchronous RSF, you would get an error on any form that used a RSF. I know that configuring the RSF to be synchronous is only available in the on premise version. So probably not that many companies are using it (apparently none, based on our experience).

Software AG fixed that bug, so once we installed the patch release we tried to use the RSF again, but found another bug that caused the RSF not to be updated correctly. Software AG has again fixed that bug, which we have not installed yet. We decided to take a different approach so that we did not require a RSF.

Anyway, Child Objects seems like a more esoteric feature of AgileApps, and I was just wondering how widespread usage of the feature was in the customer base, to get a feel for how well tested it has been in the field.

Are you using Child Objects in your applications?