Pac useability questions - best practice

We have a Pac prospect and they are very interested in knowing how Pac can fit into their environment - both software AG and Cobol environment - replacing some of their excisting products and enhancing their deployment situations.

And for that we have some questions that I hope you will be able to answer or at least redirect me to some one that can answer our questions.

  1. What is an application ?
    At Prospect-site they have a number of huge libraries (50 thousand objects) that are used in what would otherwise be logically considered a handful of what users conceive as applications.

Would “best practice” be to
A) make one huge application or
B) to break it up into a number of smaller ?

If B) how is versioning of objects that are part of more than one application handled ?

If A) How is performance for displaying and handling content objects and migrating thousands of objects ?

  1. Checkout of objects.
    In order to debug prospect would like to have sources residing in development (or at least in test). How do we recommend that checking out objects are handled, so that there is no doubt that a given object IS checked out to a given project/maintenance task ?
  • and the last very basic one - because I haven’t access to a PAC env.
  1. If an object is migrated from dev to test the version is increased. If it is then migrated to prod will the version increase again ?

Hope you will be able to answer or quide us in these questions so that we can close the deal very soon.

Best regards

Jan Havshoei
Software AG Nordic