AgileApps Assigning Related Record to Owner of the Parent Record

What does this article explain?
This article tells you how to assign a related record for any object to the owner of the parent record.

Why do we need this?
This allows you to automatically assign any new related records created to the owner of the parent record.

Who can perform this?
Any user with Administrator privileges.

Use Case

Consider there are two objects called Customer and Orders. Orders object has a lookup field pointing to the Customer object. This is a Many-to-One relationship. For more information about Lookup relationships, see Many to One Relationship.

  1. Here, the Customer places multiple orders. So, an Order record is created and assigned to that customer.
  2. Now, create an event rule for the Orders object from the AgileApps application using Business Rules > Event Rules > On Case Created method. For more information on creating an event rule, see Event Rules.

In the following image, the value testlookup is a lookup field in the Orders object and owner_id is a field in the Customer object.

Whenever a new order is created, this rule assigns the Order record to the Customer. You can configure the same rule for Update Event rule as well. With Update Event rule, if the owner of Customer record changes, the Order record owner will also change accordingly.