Create an AgileApps Platform user using the Java API

This article helps users to create a platform user in AgileApps by using addRecord java API. Place the following code in the call method and invoke this from the business rule.

Code snippet:

Parameters userParams = Functions.getParametersInstance();


userParams.add("last_name", "Bob");

userParams.add("email", "");


userParams.add("time_zone", "23"); // Get the value of the select box option from browser inspector

userParams.add("team_id", "xxx");           // Get the respective id from teams.

userParams.add("access_profile_id", "xxx"); // Get the respective id from access profiles.

userParams.add("user_type", "P");         // Platform user

userParams.add("notify_by_email", "0");   // 1=send message with system-generated password. 0=don't

userParams.add("password", "xxxx"); // Set a fixed initial password when notify_by_email is 0.

userParams.add("application_id", "xxx"); // Get the respective id from applications list.

userParams.add("role_id", "xxxx"); // Get the role id from application roles

Result r = Functions.addRecord("USER", userParams);

if (r.getCode() < 0) {

  String msg = "Error while adding User record:\n"+ r.getMessage();

  // To show the error in the UI.   


} else {

// have code for successful user creation