How to Assign a Process Task based on Role

In general, from the process designer, a task is assigned to a User or Team.

However, in the use cases where a process task needs to be assigned to a ROLE, follow these instructions:

  • Create a Rule Set (with name say Identify Owner), where Return Type is Process Step Owner

NOTE: When a Rule Set has a return type, the first rule action that returns a value halts the rules engine. No other rules are evaluated. (For best performance, order the rules such that the ones most likely to match come first.)

  • Add a Rule with the action - Return Step Owner as the last action.

  • Create a new process or edit any existing process where the user task /approval task has to be assigned to a role
  • During Runtime, when this step is executed a new task is created and shows as open ownership 
  • However, in the task detail page Role is mentioned

  • Only the user with the respective Role as per configuration is able to complete the task.