Can't use Natural Subprograms with object data area

I also posted this question on Application Modernization forum.

I’m unable to disclose a method from a class (which is basically a subprogram with object state) for Natural RPC (when it contains an object data area). Is this a known issue. Why is it not possible to directly use a method of a class?

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Without having investigated further…
But I would say that it is pretty obvious that you would have to instantiate a new object instance before being able to acces the objects data (i.e. the context).
In other words you will have to create a new shell subprogram which then instatiates and calls the objects.method.

Unless of course it is a static class (which I off the top of my head do not remember that Natural supports)

Did I understand your scenario correctly ?


Hi Finn,

Agreed, that’s clear.

But I was hoping that I could disclose methods from a class very much like you can disclose methods from a Java class using JAX-WS. I do understand that you need an infrastructure in place, so why not extend SYSRPC so that it also supports calling methods from a class (it is ‘your’ job to make our lives (developers) easier ;-).

I am only asking this question from an architectural point of view: what are the architectural consequences if the company I’m working for would move to a more object based development approach (using interfaces and classes).

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Hi Rudolf
See your point :wink:
But I’m am sure there is a “little” development-effort in your suggestion.
I definitely think you should make an enhancement proposal and bring it up for discussion at the next user-conference !