External Subroutine

Where would we prefer using external subroutine over subprogram.

An external subroutine can share a GDA with the calling routine, unlike a subprogram, which requires an explicit field list to pass parameters.

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Thank you very much everyone.

Please don’t use external subroutines, they are just not worth the effort and they come with some big problems



Well, at least in theory EVERYTHING may be written within ONE HUGE PROGRAM which would be “VERY-VERY EFFICIENT” :slight_smile:
This is my 2 cents.
By the way, our shop uses NATURAL (with External Subroutine as well) for many-many years, and it looks like there`s nothing wrong with them (by “them” I mean our company, NATURAL and External Subroutines themselves :slight_smile:

Paul wrote:

Of course, there may be the odd time when it’s the perfect solution to a given problem. :slight_smile: I certainly would never ask SAG to get rid of this object type, and I am sure there would be some great pain if they ever desupported it.