Hardware upgrade

Hi All,

I can see many org’s are moving from 8x to 9x versions. While switching, did anyone upgraded their hardware configuration as well. Can anyone share me what all steps we have to follow when we are doing hardware upgrade.

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs


Hardware upgrade? Did you mean the CPU/Server?

yes Mahesh,going to new O.S.



For this you have to refer X-X_System_Requirements.pdf for the version that you are looking for.


Thanks for sharing that. I have those details with me. After upgrade, once the UNIX Admins copying FS’s the new server, what all steps do we need to follow and in which order.


Hi RP,

Below are basic level of testing we can do assuming you are using unix server.

  • you can check the firewall settings.
  • Check if you have any unix folder that are mounted.
  • Check the java heap size
  • You have to check the certificates are working fine or not. Some certificates are IP dependent.
  • Check for load balancer connections.
  • Check if your new server has been configured in SMTP server. otherwise SMTP services may not work in your new server.

Thanks Lance for sharing details.