Hands-on Labs in webMethods Integration

Hi Community,

Recently I created account on (http://learn.softwareag.com) and started learning on webMethods Integrations. Its all smooth but there’re no required Files (resources) for hands-on Labs.

For Example: in this lab we don’t have the file “OrderRequest” to perform the given functionalities of the lab.

Kindly share your knowledge/data

if anyone have some other practice questions/labs (tasks) of webMethods Integrations for learning, do share.


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Hello Muhammad,
We’ll be happy to assist you. I could not find your account by name. Can you please send us an email at Learning.Portal@softwareag.com? We’ll gladly take a look at the course you are mentioning and provided further assistance.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Dear learner Software AG learners,
The Hands-on Lab exercises of the course Course: webMethods Integration Essentials (E611-77E) (softwareag.com) can only be completed by watching the recorded solution videos or through the fee-based lab environment with ReadyTech. With the second option, all required materials are located within the VM. There are no downloadble files in this course that could be used on an owned environment due to the risk involved.

In general for all hands-on lab exercises, we strongly recommend utilizing the FREE cloud-based lab environment AND/OR, the minimal fee-based, hosted, on-prem lab environment available to support course exercises. You can also follow the recorded exercises provided by the instructor throughout the course.

In some cases, exercise files are included in the course content, making them available for download (Please refer to the course instructions). In these cases, you can download the content into your environment under your responsibility. Software AG does not own any liability or provide a warranty against issues caused by the installation of files or additional software, nor is Software AG available to support in the installation or troubleshooting of this effort.

For more information regarding warranties and limited liability, please refer to Software AG Training Terms and Conditions.

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