Hands-on on WM designer

New year greetings to you all.

I wish to know if there’s an internet utility where I can have hands-on practice of the WM designer without having WM installed on my system.
I went through the SAG website and found “SAG Designer Workstation”, but not sure if it needs WM to be already installed.

Or, if there’re tutorial videos that can help. Just reading through the PDFs is not helping me much.
Please help me out on this.

Thanks and Regards

What you want to learn specifically with Designer workstation? It comes with a local service development plugin and local IS 8.2.2 that requires per seat Development IS license.


Sorry!,there are no videos or online utility except you can have some hands on course training with SAG educational services.Did you try that option too if it is feasible?

If you have Desingner licensing then reviewing Documentation and install play would be the best option here:


Thanks for your replies…

Actually, I don’t have the WM license or software…

I am not into Webmethods since last 1 yr, and have never worked on Designer… so wanted such a thing as going through PDFs is not sufficient…

Anyways, thanks a lot…

Best Regards

Good luck with your hands on training:

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