Handling File Transfer Failure in Active Transfer

I am using Active Transfer Gateway with Active Transfer.
In case of Active Transfer failures what is the best practice of handling it? I know you have options of retrying. But what if it failed despite that
Let us say a file transfer was interrupted . How do I ensure a partial transfer was not done.
What is the actual command that goes behind the scenes? What error will I be seeing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Does your environment have ARIS mashzone dashboard configured for ActiveTransfer file transfer monitoring and so it might help in this situations? Can you leverage using that?


Thank you for replying. Though we have mashzone it is not currently used. Is there any other way?


You can handle file transfer interruption by checking the box “Resume transfer from the point of interruption”
Some of the best practices are:
Use check box “Fail if no files are found for scheduled events”
Select “Execute error action” at individual action steps level
Select error action by

  • Send a Mail with error log
  • Execute a IS service (develop our own conventional logic to handle errors)


Yes that could be the best practice to handle via programmatically get’s alerted and take actions.

Also try to setup MZ configure for AT monitoring via its built-in dashboard views.


You can actually configure a Post-processing event with criteria such as file upload to a particular VFS fails from a particular user etc. And you can choose various actions available to handle the failure like Email Alerts to admins, Invoking an IS service to mark the transfer as partial etc.