Git integration with software ag

git version 2.39.0 , web method service designer version 10.15

I am new to web methods so, sorry if question is not clear or concise."

I am trying to integrate git with web method designer interface. When i create local service development project for a package. My package vanishes from Package explorer and gets transferred to my local .git repo.
I am getting the error as “Unable to move the project under integration server as Linked Resources and it gives me a syntax error.”

I have already tried giving web designer administrative privilege but issue still persists.

Also I want to know while creating Local Developement project what path should be given for “Path Within Repository” Field.


Hello Ajay,

Please go through the link : Add a webMethods package to a git repository using Service Designer


Thank you for the response,
I was following the same link when i encountered the error mentioned above.

Hello Ajay,

Oh, sure let me have a look and will respond soon.


It’s hard to diagnose remotely, but a few things come to mind:

  • When creating a local service development project, Designer moves the package directory to the local git repo and creates a symbolic link.
  • The package should be visible in package navigator but not in package explorer before creating the local development project. After this action it should be visible in both as it is now imported as eclipse project. If you see it in package explorer (not navigator) beforehand, there is already a problem before creating the local service development project (maybe it is already versioned).
  • The error indicates there is a problem creating the symbolic link.
  • On windows this often needs to have Designer running as administrator, not only having the permissions on the files, so make sure, you run it as Administrator. Eclipse itself unfortunately is difficult to run on windows without admin rights. If you try to narrow it down on running as non admin, make sure Designer has the permissions in ALL related directories (eclipse workspace and GIT directories).
  • The local git repository should NOT be inside any eclipse (Designer) directory but in another location.

Thanks for the response.
I went through the steps mentioned above.
I was running designer as administrator and the issue is still there. I am able to move the package to my git repo and it’s visible in the git repo as well but its not showing the link sign in front of the package in the designer. I am attaching screenshots for better reference. In the second image I am confused as to what directory path should be given in “Path within repository section”.

Here I am trying to move Testpackage1 to git.

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