GIT and webMethods Designer


I am able to connect to GIT using webMethods Designer Workstation. But as you know, webMethods Designer Workstation means there is an Integration Server which needs to be installed along with the designer.

Is there any alternative way where this Integration Server need to be installed with the designer by each developer’s system? As SOftwareAG recommends, we want to use GIT as source code management.

If not GIT, what is the advisable source code management tool which can be used instead of GIT where Integration Server does not need to be installed along with designer?

Hi Arpan,

there is a VCS feature inside IS itself, which can be used on remote developing IS, but this has very limited support for VCS systems.
Only ClearCase, SVN and Visual SourceSave (this on only when hosted on Windows) are available here.
Additionally, when planning to use it with SVN (as we would like to do), it requires certain configurations on SVN side, which will not be done by my SVN Administrator due to policies.

The Local Service Development feature, which requires a local IS (and dependent on needed components even a local database like Oracle XE or MySQL Community Edition), can be used with any VCS system for which there is a plugin available at Eclipse Marketplace.

Check for the Configuring_the_VCS_Integration_Feature Guide for further informations.


So this means, if I want to use GIT instead of SVN, Clearcase and Visual SourceSave, then we cannot use VCS feature and we need to use designer along with local IS. Is my understanding correct?

Hi Arpan,

this is what I have understood so far.

Additional information:
When using Local Service Development you will have all sources in one workspace instead of having process models and caf/task ui´s in local workspace and IS sources in the workspace of the IS VCS feature.


Hi Holgen,

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please let me know if I can use CrossVista and Jenkins for source code management and deployment?

Hi Arpan,

afaik this should be possible despite we did not use it yet.

Due to license prices we will not use CrossVista.

See Deployer Users Guide on how to configure Deployer and Asset Build Environment for repository based deployments.
These repository-based deployments can then be used in Jenkins Jobs.


Hi Holger,

Which one among these - ClearCase, SVN and Visual SourceSave, do you recommend to use?

Hi Arpan,

depends for which you have licensed and infrastructure available at your site which cna be configured as described in the “Configuring the VCS Feature” Guide.

For me none of them applies due to various restrictions.
Visual SourceSafe is only available on Windows systems, but we are running on Unix.
ClearCase might not be available on all OSes you might want to use it on.
As we do not want to host our own SVN service to use the VCS feature, but to rely to existing SVN infrastructure provided by our IT-Development Department, we cannot use SVN here, as our SVN admin wont do the needed configurations on the server side.

There might be further adapter packages for other VCS providers based on WmVCS package available in the Code & Samples Area or in the Download Area of TechCommunity, but as this feature is quite cumbersome to be configured correctly I think that they are not used very often. Most developers rely on the Eclipse plugins, which can be integrated with Designer, and the Local Service Development feature in Designer.