although my documentation sais that this service is only supported for email, I’m testing with http and ftp too and it seems to work fine. Is my documentation out-dated, or am I doing something un-recommended?


Support for http and ftp were added in the release after getTransportInfo was introduced. The enhancement must not have gotten into the doc. Feel free to use it - the service will continue to work for smtp/ftp/http(s) in the 6.x platform.

The 6.0.1 Built-in Service Guide gives smtp as the example and does not explicitly state that http(s) and ftp are supported also, but they are.

webMethods Built-In Services Reference Guide Version 6.0.1

The value of the protocol key in transport indicates which protocol was used to invoked the service. For
example, if the service were invoked via the email protocol, protocol would be is set to email. transport will also contain a document (whose key is protocol-dependent) that holds protocol-specific details.