Getting the parnter DUNS

Hi all,

My requirement, is always i need to map the DUNS number if inbound EDI or EDIFACT documents comming to us if the qualifier is other than 01

How do we get DUNS number by using these values.can you please tell me the services.

For example

Qualifier =14
value =665544338

you check the built in services in WMEDI package, you should be able to list all external Id types and their associated qualifiers. you make use of this service.


Since you are receiving EDI inbound into webMethods then,you can extract/check those EDI duns values from the ISA level
ISA05(Qualifier),ISA06(Duns#) using envelopeProcess service and put a conditionlogic in your map.

If not please elaborate more info on your requirement…to do’s etc…


i have resolved this issue.My requirement is some what dirreent than which i have been posted.