Getting Null Values in the output after looping on a doc list and mapping


I have a problem, while mapping my FlatFileDT to another internal document i am getting the output values a NULL. Have done the below steps: map the ff to the ffDT, loop over the document list which i need the values from, and then map the result to a temp document.

For ex i have kept a loop on the ffDT/A/B/C/D and i need the results from the “D” document list, so have given the input array as ffDT/A/B/C/D and then inside the loop added a map step and mapped the individual fields to the temp document which i have created over there. but while i trace that am getting the output as an NULL Object.

I believe your mapping links or the hierrachy that you are trying to map may be wrong.

It is tough to assume what you are currently doing in the flow looping and mapping to the target fields etc…unless we see it closely what is going on…Can you step thru it and make a single map out of it and test the pipeline?

Upload some screen shots as well here (elaborated map links and pipeline):



As RMG suggested,it is always depends on mapping only. Below are few partices generally follwed in case of your senario

  1. if it’s simple mapping use Indices…check below code

intialize indices
Loop on input array ffDT/A/B/C/D
->Branch on consider B
----->map to output(use indices)
------>increment indices

  1. if it’s complex mapping senario

Loop on input array ffDT/A/B/C/D
->Branch on consider B
----->map to output to temp list
->Branch on temp list
—>sequence label null(do noting)
—>sequence default
------>append to document list(map temp to "from item/from list(if it is list)" and output to "tolist"