Getting hands on web services.

Hi Guys,

I have being working on webMethods components(IS,Broker,TN,MWS,Adapters) from last two years, but never got a chance to work on SOA/ web service base project.

I have implemented few POC’s on my own and can consume and produce websevice,.I would like to explore other advance features and webservice standards like webservice secutiry, web service addressing, when to build/use SOAP custom handlers, dynamic invoking of services etc.

I read many previous post/ documents / Case studies as to how things works(theoretically), advantages of web services, protocols, different standards and many buzzwords linked with it.

My question is :

Is their any open source UDDI registry or website from where I can Discover/Get WSDL file and can consume their web service in my training enviroment or I can register my own built web service so as others can consume?

Any other suggestions, how I can develop my own dummy project so as to give me good exposure to above mention points.




You can download, Centrasite Community Edition from
Also you can download JUDDI from apache.


Another option I’ve used in the past is

They have a variety of publicly available services