getting "Authentication Required" error from web service consumer connector


I have created web Service consumer by importing WSDL.Then I have created Alias on IS page . I am using one of the connector in my flow service .But I am getting Authentication required error from connector .
When I am hardcoding ‘auth’ details in connector on designer it is working fine .But it is not working with details provided in alias.
I tried by changing ACLs to Anonymous also but still no success.
Anyone can you please help with above issue

Try giving the username/password in the WS Security Properties in the Alias you created in the IS Page.


thanks Satyaraj For reply
Still getting same error as [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized

Please let me know, if you followed the below steps.

1)Created a HTTPS consumer.

2)Gave hostname and port(if avaliable) and then included the username and password in ws security properties.

Also, let me know in designer you passed credentails to transport or message?


Yes Sathya,

  1. first I created Consumer
  2. then created alias with hostname,portname,username password and additionally mention credential under ws security properties also
  3. In designer while calling connector I am not mapping ‘auth’ details as I have already created alias (I am thinking it will automatically get picked up from alias Please make me correct if I am wrong )

Please remove the credentials mentioned in HTTPS Transport Properties and try

removed still same no success :frowning:

Did the same work when you try calling the connector alone with username/password.


yes It is working with hardcoding of username/password or by directly running on SOAP UI

After adding endpoint alias on IS page, did you go to the consumer provider → binders tab → click on binder → change Port Alias to your endpoint alias on properties right side of designer???

Unless you do this, your credentials or other settings from endpoint alias will not be applied to your consumer during the call.

If above steps are not done, at least you can pass the endpoint alias name as input to your connector service while running it.


Excellent Prasad
Thanks for help it is working now .