Alias in consumer web service

The web Methods development team was given a wsdl file from another of our systems which we inturn created a consumer webservice within IS The endpoint address is something like…

We have this tested and running within our dev environment. But are now in the process of moving all of these services into our QA/Test and Prod environments.

The endpoint address (on the binder) of the consumer webservice will switch to a different system such as…

I setup a consumer webservice alias called CONWSA1 which is tied to dev2 and QAT2 on each of respective IS servers and changed the properties of the webservice connector bindings with the alias but this dosn’t seem to do anything.

How do I get the wsd consumer flow service to recognize the alias, it seems to always “hardcode” the address and url?

Everything you have done is correct.

The hardcoded value will misguide you that you are still pointing to Dev environment but in actual the webService alias url will be used at runtime.