WebService Consumer end point alias


I have a WSDL shared by client. The request has to reach client via APIGtway. I have changed the soap:address location to point to APIGtway address (https).

I’m have created consumer end point alias for APIGtway URL. In the designer I’m trying to set the port alias for this consumer WSD.
When i click the drop down of port alias from the binders tab I’m unable to see the end point alias which I have set in IS Admin page.

Please advise. Attaching the screenshot of endpoint alias.

Hi Monica ,

Have you created Consumer endpoint alias or provider end point alias ?

are you getting any errors in designer ?

Please verify the protocol for which you are creating the consumer alias(Http or HTTPS) in designer.

Syed Faraz Ahmed


Its a consumer alias and I have created it for https. I also tried creating alias for http its same issue. From designer I’m unable to see the port alias. Not getting any error in designer.
The soap address location in the WSDL is https.


Hi Monica,

Not sure which version you are using. But, 9.9 also we faced same issue. This issue is fixed in IS Core Fix 3 if i remember correctly.
Better, pls check with SAG on same.



If the WSE did not exist when you first created the WSD, it won’t be visible.

Close the WSD editor and refresh (F5) the IS in the package navigator. You should then see the WSE on the port alias list.

It will only show the WSE that correspond to the WSD you are editing (HTTP, HTTPS, Consumer, Producer, etc). If your WSD was created from a WSDL which stated http as its location protocol, you cannot use an HTTPS WSE in the port alias, only an HTTP WSE.

Best Regards,


I’m using wM 9.10
Issue was with fix. After installing the IS core fix and WS-stack fix, it got resolved.

Thank you all for the suggestion.