Web service endpoint alias does not exist


I’m trying to access an endpoint alias from a soapClient service after having created a keystore based on a jks file:

  • The keystore line is created (in Security\keystore)
  • The HTTPS endpoint alias “Extranet” (in Web Service Consumer Endpoints List) is created
  • The endpoint alias value “Extranet” is well set in the pipeline view of the soapClient service,

but when I’m testing my Consumer I obtain this error :

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0088.9447] Web service endpoint alias Extranet does not exist.
	at pub.clientimpl.wssClient(clientimpl.java:2592)

Is this something else to do in the IS, to make this alias visible and accessible by the Designer ?


Port alias should be configured under the binders tab, select the binder, the property penal should have a field for “Port alias”, select the one you just created. (HTTP and HTTPS are grouped separately )


Thanks for your reply… I’m not sure to understand :

In the “Port alias” of the Binders tab I can see only the Web Service Consumer Endpoints List for HTTP.
but the HTTPS endpoint I’ve created does not appear in the list.

Am I missing something ?


below it, search for “transport”, change it to https, then https aliases will be shown

Thanks Tong for your help it works,

The initial WSD created was not in HTTPS but HTTP, so the endpoint aliases available was the HTTP ones.