Get Adabas data into Excel with just a handful mouseclicks

With the Adabas SOA Gateway importing data into MS Excel, MS Word etc. is a breeze, with absolutely NO client footprint, no programming (except for an Excel macro, in case you want to create management reports or the like), you’ll get XML right from the server to the target application.

You’ll need the (free) WebEx player to view the recording: (323 KB)

For those of you who want to try it out yourself, and see the simplicity in action:

  • - Start Excel, create an empty worksheet
    - Data -> import external data -> new web query
    - Enter the following URI into the ‘address’ field, then click ‘Start’:*
    - Click ‘import’
    - at that stage you might be asked if you want to create a schema from the data, answer ‘yes’ (and probably ‘remember’ the answer)
    - Just click ‘OK’ on the following dialog which asks where to import the data to

    ! DONE !

I don’t have an english version of Excel available, so the above represents a guesstimated translation, but I’m sure you’ll find your way :wink:

On a german version of Excel this would be:

  • - Excel starten, leeres Arbeitsblatt erstellen
    - Daten -> Externe Daten importieren -> Neue Webabfrage
    - Folgenden URI in das ‘Adresse’ Feld eingeben, dann ‘Start’ klicken:*
    - ‘Importieren’ klicken
    - An dieser Stelle kommt u.U. die Frage ob aus den Daten ein Schema erzeugt werden soll, die Frage mit ja beantworten
    - Den folgenden Dialog, der fragt wohin die Daten importiert werden sollen, einfach mit OK bestätigen

    ! FERTIG !

For those who want to try it, the URI changed meanwhile to*