Adabas SOA Gateway v2.4 available now

The Adabas SOA Gateway enables ADABAS to participate in the world of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Any technology that can consume a Web Service can access and update ADABAS data.
This includes JAVA and PHP programs, Windows applications using the .NET framework, InfoPath from Microsoft, XML-SPY, SoapUI and others.

Additionally, the Adabas SOA Gateway allows for simple (optionally secured) browser access, for example the “Employees” file can be browsed via an URL request like http://:/adabas_Employees?LIST&name=PA*

The very same technique can be used to import Adabas data into an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in 3 simple steps, within seconds.

For more details refer to the Adabas technical document at

The Adabas SOA Gateway requires absolutely no knowledge of ADABAS once the Adabas DBA has installed the product and established “views”.

The Adabas SOA Gateway, an integral part of Adabas 2006, is now available as version 2.4, with numerous enhancements over the previous version, key feature enhancements include:

- Easier administration & generation of WebServices

- New access method SELECT.

  • SELECT allows for conversational reading of “chunks” of data instead of returning the entire
    result set a once. Additionaly, SELECT provides greater flexibility in specifying key criteria.

- SOA Gateway statistics

  • An initial implementation of a monitoring and statistics infrastructure allows for
    monitoring SOA Gateway activity with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) presented
    on a “well known operation” level.

- Performance enhancements

Current availability (more platforms to follow soon) is for

  • all Linux platforms generally supported by Software AG (SLES and RedHat AS on both x86 and s390X)
    HP/UX, AIX, Sun Solaris
    Microsoft Windows

Hi Wolfgang… Where do we start to install SOA gateway