generating report for missing FA's

Hi All,
I am trying to prepare a report for missing FA’s of each partner and drop a mail to partner with the missing FA’s control numbers.
I am able to generate FA report with the help of built-in service wm.b2b.editn.FAReport:getFAReportData. by using this i only able to get missing FA’s Group-ids but not the ISA control numbers.

how to retrieve control numbers of each group. and how the TN data base tables get loaded (EDI envelop and EDI control numbers and so on… tables).

We have to automate this process. Please let me know if you come across the issue.



The group id column in a FA reconciliation report lists the interchange control numbers that can be used to determine to which interchange the group document belongs.


Can we safely write a scheduled service that calls wm.b2b.editn.FAReport:getFAReportData? Since it’s not in is it at risk of being modified without mention in release notes, etc?