Need generateFAReport within hours, not days


I’m trying to use this report to notify our internal business area of outbound EDI documents that haven’t been acknowledged in the last xx hours. The inputs look like they only accept dates, not times. The business needs to know within a few hours whether an outbound doc has been received by the trading partner. Can this service be used to input an after and before datetime stamp and return a list of unacknowledged documents, say within the last 4 hours?

Any insight would be appreciated.

I also need similar functionality. In my opinion, there isn’t an accetable method to track Functional Acknowledgements provided in webMethods v6.0.1. We have multiple EDI partners and with each partner we expect an FA in XX hours after we send an Outbound EDI document. It is essential that each time an Outbound document is processed and the predetermined XX hours expires before the FA is received to alert the business. We had to jump through hoops to provide this functionality in our current implementation. Is there something new in v6.1?

Can you write a custom java service based on wm.b2b.editn.FAReport:generateFAReport that will allow you change the inputs to time stamps rather than just a date stamp