Generating FAReports for Inbound Reports


I have a requirement to generate FAReports for Inbound EDI docs.

Pls tel me how do i achieve this.

What ever values i give in createFAreport(IS Admin----EDI—create FA) JSP page , how do i access those in generateFAReport…

Appreciate your help


Hi Madhavi,

If i’m clear on your question here is my answer.
when you navigate through ISADMIN–>EDI–> and click generateFA link which is in the navigation pannel, A page will be invoked in the same browser. There you need to give the input for the generateFA. Once you provide the inputs and press submite button this will invoke the generateFAReport flow service which is in the developer and the inputs which you gave in the browser will be passed to this service. Those are not Jsp pages! they are DSP (dynamic server pages).


Please have a look in the WmEDI package service generateFAReport and run your reports…It will retreive the EDI inbound/outbound docs information that persisted in the TN and logs the entries in the EDITRAKING table stored in the TN DB.

Please see the EDIModuleUserguide for more information on how to use FA,generateFAReports.


Hi All,

I have not worked on FAReports. I have gone thru the EDIModuleUserguide but it was alos of nohelp. We are having cutmomized service , the person who developed left the company. I dont know how this works also.

In ISAdmin -------->EDI----->we have a link to Create FA

when we click on the Create FA

im not having no clue how its going to call the customized service which generates FAReport.

When you click on Create FA Reports it will try to retrieve the information from TN DB (EDITRAKING table,bizdoc tables)etc…based on the inputs you provide.

Tell us about your customized service flow??You can go see step by steps in the developer and figure out what does the code doing and invokes for FA report.


The wM service that gets invoked when you click on Create FA Reports is “wm.b2b.editn.FAReport:generateFAReport”.
It’s unlikely your previous developer would have modified it, but you check it out nevertheless.


The customized FA report service would not be called by the Create FA from wM Admin. It most likely is a service that invokes generateFAReport for various criteria or otherwise locates unacknowledged, negatively acknowledged documents, etc. and generates an email (or whatever) to communicate this information to the appropriate persons.

This would probably be a scheduled service. You can check this via IS>Admin>Server>Scheduler.