Generate FA Report Java Exception

I’m trying to auto-generate a FA Report from developer by calling the service wm.b2b.editn.FAReport:generateFAReport. I’m getting a Java null pointer exception even if I fill every input variables. I was looking a the source code of the “FAinvoke.dsp” web page (from http://myserver/WmEDIforTN), wich is doing what I’m trying to do and the file is calling the service exactly the same way that I’m doing… Any one of you had that problem before?

I’ve had this problem before, yes. Since you say you’re filling out every input field, I wouldn’t know why you’d be getting this error, however. I got the null pointer exception when I left the orderBy field blank. Also, be sure that if you don’t want to specify a receiverID but you do want to specify a senderID (or visa versa), don’t just leave the value unassigned. Assign it a blank value.

This probably doesn’t help, but maybe it will to someone else.