Creating Functional Acknowledgement

How to create a 997 doc for EDI transactions. We can create FA for Interchange and group level with help of wm.edi.util:generateFA service but what about generate FA for transaction level.

EDIFunctionalACKGuide suggest that validate incoming EDI doc and then use error array return by validate service to map AK3 and AK4 segment in FA(997 doc). But I do not know the mean of any error code returned by validate service. Can anybody help me in that. Here is an example of error returned by validate service

path name - /ST/BEG/BEG01/code
error code - DT-STR001
error message - [B2BCORE.0082.9293] No matching choice value

path name - /ST/N1[0]/N101
error code - VV-001
error message - [B2BCORE.0082.9025] Missing Object

Can anybody tell me how to populate AK3 and AK4 segment based on this error?

Thanks & Regards.

Hi, Uday.

Here is a quick explanation of the error codes you are receiving:

    [*]DT-DTR001: There is a pick list associated with /ST/BEG/BEG01/code. The value that the Integration Server found in the node is not one of the values specified in the pick list. [*]VV-001: The record against which you are validating is expected a different input. The most likely reason is that your root node is not named properly. Check that you properly mapped in your documentToRecord step. [/list]

    For more information about Validation Error Codes, review Appendix H of the webMethods Developer’s User Guide.

Hey Dan:

Thanks for the response. Actully what i want is how to map those error messages into FA 997 document before sending the 997 to the Sender.


This isn’t a trivial thing to do. If you can, see if wM will give you the 6.0 version of generateFA which supports FAs to the transaction set level.