Generate mappings for all fields from existing code

Does anybody know if there is any native functionality in webMethods, or any available plugins for it, which would allow me to generate mapping documents from existing code? We need to be able to generate the direct mappings, as well as identify any transformation logic taking place.

Or to ask in a different way, is there any way to generate a consolidated pipeline which shows how the publisher fields are being mapped to the proxy, and how the proxy fields are being mapped to the subscriber?

Thank you in advance!

Still not sure what you are expecting.
What kind of “mapping document” are you looking for?
What proxy are your referring to?

Hi George,

Would you elaborate your requirement?

Although consolidated pipeline can be view as html (File —>view as html) which reflects your mapping as well.

Hi, thanks for your responses.

We’re using webMethods to integrate publisher and subscriber systems. The publisher and subscriber teams each provide us with an XSD, and perform a direct mapping which indicates which publisher field gets mapped to which subscriber field, as well as any transformation logic to be performed in ESB.

Once we have this information we create a proxy document, which is nothing more than an XSD where all of the fields are optional strings, and then directly map the publisher XML to the proxy input and the proxy output to the subscriber input with the requested transformation logic (i.e. transform Y to Yes or N to No).

What I would like to be able to do is to have a consolidated pipeline which contains all the above mentioned mapping logic. Using “View as HTML” is almost exactly what I was looking for, except for a couple of things:

  • It only shows the mappings for that particular flow service
  • It only says the names of the fields, not the path to them from the XSD
  • i.e. if the publisher field PubRoot/PATH1/pField is mapped to the subscriber field SubRoot/PATH/sField, the output from “View as HTML” shows that the source is pField and the destionation is sfield, but I need the paths to pField and sField since that same field name could be present in multiplaces within the XSD.

Do you know if there is any way to change the settings for “View as HTML” to print out the full path to the fields as opposed to just the field names, and if there is a way to view all of the code as HTML on one screen?

Thank you again,

Hi George,

You are asking to generate Mapping sheet from flow service, i don’t think so it is feasible like this.
You need to create that manually only.

Ya you can view all the mapping for the flow service and also the transformation logic… select the flow service right click and view as html page.

I just complete generate flow service from mapping spec(xls/xlsx), now working on generate mapping spec from flow service(today is the first day), may be I can share my experience after complete it 2 - 4 weeks later, if I have full time on it.