Gateway Time Out in Pub.client:SOAPRpc

Hi All,

we are a calling a external external web service using webservice connector. while tracing the webservice connector I am getting error as Gateway Time out error. But when we telnet the Server ,we are getting response as connected. CAn any one please help me what the error is?

Thanks in Advance

Is there a firewall between webMethods ond your consuming service?
What version of webMethods are you using? There might be permission problems in the consumong service.

Thanks for your response. i am using webmethods 6.1 which is installed on solaris . yes we have a firewall between our networks and do u mean the permission issue means the service which we are calling had authentication issues? Also we tried to trace the error when i am sending the request,the destination system itself is not getting the request . I a m not understanding what causes the probelm.

Please let me know ASAP whether this is the error while callng the webmethods or a network issue.

Thanks in advance once again