Entire X client encounter time out error "00740074&quot

We are running Entire X Communicator 7.3.3 server and client is 7.3.2 (Windows XP, Windows Server 2000).
Client will receive error of “00740074: WAIT timeout occurred.” but there is no easy way to trap what settings need to be checked.
Client installation is out of the box with the additions of these settings only
add key=“EntireX:Broker” value=“”/
add key=“EntireX:Service” value=“RPC/RPCFMSP/CALLNAT”/

Any settings that need to be checked?

You need to increase the WAIT value on the client side. You will need to check into whatever the client tool is to see how to set that value. It is also governed by the Broker Attribute file settings for that SERVICE, if the application is not setting this value.

The error typically indicates that it has taken longer than the WAIT value for a response from the server (RPCFMSP in your case). Verify that the server process is not encountering an error that causes it not to return a response (check the Natural RPC Server trace - TRACE must be 1 or greater (out of 0, 1, 1E, 2, 2E, 3) for errors to be logged)