Broker Error 0215 224

Hi All,
I have the following error fail my ACI server in our production environment. The server registers to broker but then fails. The answers to my previous thread indicated that I need to check either Net-Work or Adabas for the subcodes.
The Net-Work subcodes say that error 224 is a reply timeout.


Reply timeout: the request waited for a reply for a longer time period than specified by the REPLYTIM parameter in either the NODE statement or the SET operator command. The reply may be delayed or lost due to a target malfunction, or because of a connecting link failure.

We are not using Net-work, but I suspect that some broker parameter needs to be set or checked…I checked the SERVER-NONACT and it is 5M, the wait timeout param in my program is 5M too.

Any help appreciated.


sporadic network/svc timeouts indicate that the Broker startup parameter TIME= needs to be increased.