NUM-CLIENT exceeded in broker

We have an external client that calls our web service (exx xml.rt). We have an RPC server that runs under CICS. The web service sends the message to broker and retrieves data from Adabas via natural and sends the message back to the client. All is fine except when the server is not up and the client receives a service not registered. The client is receiving the 0007007 error but continues to send the next message. This fills up the NUM-CLIENT (set to 5M) and the broker crashed. The question is: On a successful logon, send and receive we see the logoff, but when broker returns an error there isn’t a logoff and the queue fills up faster than the timeout can clear the resources. Any ideas?

If you are able to trap the 00070007 error, you could manually destroy the connection with logoff().
Otherwise, you could adjust the CLIENT-NONACT timeout downward to force the client connections to disconnect faster.
Best of all would be to eliminate the 00070007 message entirely. Have you considered setting up an attach manager service?

I would suggest a ServLine24 support request - I wonder if the xmlrt should be logging off on error since it does the logon…