RPC Java Wrapper


We are using the Java Wrapper for RPC and we are having a problem with EntireX. If we simulate 250 users accessing our system, the NUM-CLIENT will go to 250 and stay there for a while. Once the NOACTV time has been reached, the NUM-CLIENTs will decrease back down to zero. We don’t see this behavior with our ACI server. The number will go up but it immediately goes back down. In researching this I came across a description of the process:

logon to broker
logoff borker

This is what our ACI programs do. Does this no happen with RPC and/or the Java Wrapper? Is there any way to address this programmatically our it just a matter of reducing NOACT down to 1 second?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


Do your Java clients call the logon and logoff methods? See the Examples/JavaWrapper directory in your EntireX install directory for “myClient.java”. This is a snip from it:

if(broker == null) {
	userId = txtuid.getText();
	broker = new Broker(brokerId, userId);
	password = txtupw.getText();
	if(password == null || password.length() == 0) {
	else {
		// if you are using EntireX security add the follwoing line:
		//broker.setSecurity(new EntireXSecurity(), false);
	loggedOn = true;
myTest = new Example(broker, serverId);

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when you are done with the RPC method calls, follow up with


to end the client connection.

Thanks Douglas. This was indeed the problem. After I posted this message yesterday we start doing some more testing and discovered this was not a problem with out ACI based classes. We checked and sure enough no .logoff() was being done in the RPC based classes. We also added the .disconnect() after the .logoff()