Wrong behavior when sending fast requests to the Entirex Broker

I’m using a EntireX Java Client generated from IDL file. The client sends about 100K request per day. Usually, everything works fine and every request is being replied as expected. However, we noticed that sometime the request is being replied with error: “Error 0002 0002: User does not exist”.
An investigation of the bad cases reveals that it happened whenever, there are more than a single call being sent to the broker at the same time.
Our client is using Entirex.jar from version 10.3 distribution. If it worth anything, If I use older EntireX version from 8.x distribution the bad behavior is the same but the error text is different: “Broker Error 0020 0184: API: Invalid SEND-LENGTH”.
My guess is that the error text is meaning less, and that the error stem from sending simultaneous requests from different client threads (same process) at the “same time” to the broker.
Can someone shed the light of this problem ?

The error texts seem to be OK and not meaningless because they fit very well to the error numbers. The client application may do the same regardless what error is replied, so you observe no difference. Please open a support request.

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