FTPS: without control file

Hi All,
Our client are sending files (Plain + control) through FTPS to our webMethods environment.

Through the control file, the client ensures if the original files has been received or delivered successfully to its destination. If something goes wrong in file transmission, the client can stop the transaction at receiver end by not sending the control file. If sender ensures that intended file has been delivered successfully, he can then ask us to start the transaction by sending the control file confirmation.

As some of clients have limitation that they can’t send control file, is there any other way where webMethods can figure out that the received file is complete without confirming through control file.

Thanks in advance.



An event (pub.client.ftp:putCompletedNotification) is published whenever a FTP put is completed to the server. You can subscribe to this event and run a processing service when you receive it.

– Tim