FTPS PUT error


I am trying to send files using ftps protocol

1-pub.client.ftp.login, receiving 200 and session key so, I am considering success
2-pub.client.ftp.cd, receiving 250 so this step is also success
3.pub.client.ftp.put passing session key,transferMode,content,remoteFile, now I am getting below message in error dump.
com.wm.net.ftpCException:[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: Connection timed out

We were able to send files before vendor chanded there IP, from I my side we have opened firewall(inbound/Outbound). So were is the disconnect?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Nahesh,

can you proivde some more details please?
I.e. which allow list are you referring to?

Which version of wM are you using?


I corrected my post, I was talking about Firewall

Hi Naresh,

are you able to trace the route connection from your server to the FTPS server or is this blocked by the firewall?

Does the FTPS server also have a Firewall which needs to be opened?

Additionally you should ask the FTPS Server admins if there is anything remarkable in their log files which indicates why the connection timed out, i.e. file size limitations.

Are there addiotnall error messages in the server.log or error log related to this issue?