I am trying to connect to a target system over FTPS (not SFTP). But I am getting the below error But there is an error when trying to connect from wM flow service using pub.client.ftp:login service with below input:

serverhost: XXXX
serverport: 21
secure/auth: TLS
secure/securedata: True

Error:[ISC.0064.9016] FTP AUTH command failed with error : Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal: handshake failure

Is there any configuration required for FTPS implementation. I am using webMethods 9.7 version and I am successfully able to connect to the target from filezilla.

Hi NIdhin,

please check if you connect to the correct port as port 21 is FTP port, ftps is usually using a different port by default, usually port 990.

Except your FTPS has been reconfigured to use 21 as FTPS port.

You might want to cross check with your filezilla config.


I think you are missing some configuration on the certificates. Put the logging levels to TRACE and capture more info.