Secure FTP over SSL

I have a requirement to connect to target system with FTP over SSL. Connection was successful when connected from winSCP using TLS/SSL Explicit encryption.

But there is an error when trying to connect from wM flow service using pub.client.ftp:login service with below input:

serverhost: XXXX
serverport: 21
secure/auth: SSL
secure/securedata: True

Error is [ISC.0064.9016] FTP AUTH command failed with error : Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

Is there any configuration required for FTPS implementation.

And we are using webMethods version 9.12.

Hi Sirisha,

are you sure with the port?

21 is the default port for FTP without encryption.
Default Port for FTPS is 990, which uses implicit encryption.

Please check FTPS - Wikipedia for further informations about certificates for FTPS.

Please check if you have latest fixes applied for the following components:
SIN (Security Infrastructure)

See readmes for these Fixes for furher informations as these fixes contain updates for relevant parts for encrpytion.

To be on the safe side you should consider switching to SFTP (FTP over SSH), which is available from wM 9.5 onwards.


the error: "Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier "
it’s a clear indication that your server is not trusting the cert chain of the server you are connecting to.
check if their server’s root and intermediate certs are in your server’s trust store.