FTP txt files and file names

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Is there any possibility to read the name of a Flat File?
To read 5 different flat files, I don’t wanna build five same services that differs only for their ffschema value. I just wanna create a service who is looking at the name of incoming flat file and according to this file name using the right ffschema to parse the flat file.


The LS command list all the files in a FTP directory. The output is a string list.

Looping at the string list will give you individual filenames, based on which, you can derive the ffschema , which can parse the flat file

Bhavani Shankar

Thanx Bhavani.
But it is not very clear for me how to implement your solution!
If you send the file (via FTP) to the IS service, how can you check the name of the file. Output of LS will give the file names but how do you know which file name is belonging to the file that is just arrived at the IS service?

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I’ve found the answer. The “getTransportInfo” build in service!!