FTP PORT command failed

Hi ,
I am facing a problem. From cmd prompt, I am able to use all the ftp comands without any problems which shows there are no firewall issues. From webMethods service, when I am doing ls using pub.client.ftp: ls
getting wm.net.ftpCException: FTP PORT command failed
The flow of ftp commands are as below in my service
pub.client.ftp: login
pub.client.ftp: cd
pub.client.ftp: ls
pub.client.ftp: get
pub.client.ftp: logout

even in catch block i am closing the connection using pub.client.ftp: logout,In login, giving timeout = 60 .
Anyone can guide me why it happens? we are on version 6.0.1 SP3

Please make sure your FTP port AccessMode set to Allow by Default?Also check the logs increase the logging level and step thru the flow before and after pub.client.ftp:ls service is executed.


I did not open any port as this is for outbound transactions
I am sending a file using FTP

Did your webMethods Admin involved in this since this is network a related issue.

No as this is for outbound documents. Ans we have been doing FTP with
some other servers which are working fine. I got this problem when I am using ls FTP command which is not used in other services.

Could it be an OS issue where you do not have permissions to view all the files?


yes check the file list permissions on the particular cd directory you are on,then only ls command successfull.But still wondering if you able to see the filelist in the command prompt then why webMethods service is not able to see them.

Could it be a passive/active FTP port issue? Perhaps there is a difference in how the Windows and webMethods FTP clients behave.

The way the usual ‘Active FTP’ protocol works is the client listens on an arbitrary data port and gets the server to connect to it – this is the inverse of how a normal client-server interaction happens.

This webpage has a good explanation of both FTP modes:
[url=“Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation”]http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html[/url]

This is a very good/important point. But typically/most ftp clients run in the active mode, unless they explicitly switch over to passive mode. I think the webMethods ftp client also defaults to active?

So the question to RV would be are they explicitly switching over to passive mode on the command prompt ftp.


Hi there,

It may be a long shot but this could be down to the fact that youre sitting behind a NAT/PAT gateway.

Ftp is one protocol where the source address is baked into the payload of the packet most significantly when using the port command.

So if youre using NAT/PAT then your packet may appear to the FTp server as if its coming from “valid ip address” but when the FTP server looks inside it sees some kind of private address “” and so the port fails.

A long shot but worth mentioning.