Forms and Reports/Views

Hello -

We have a form that has two different layouts, one for a person (default layout), one for a company, on an application that deals with ordering products. When the form has a certain status, it appears in a report on a dashboard. When clicking on this record, it’ll show the record in the default layout even if that wasn’t the form used in creating the record.

Is this the expected behavior? Why wouldn’t the record always use the layout it was created in?

Is there a known work around for this, or do I need to create another object instead of using 2 forms?

Thank you.

Hi Ruffcorn.

It is expected behavior.

For two different layouts, person form(default layout) and company form.If we are creating a record in person form and then login as a company user then it shows the form in the format assigned to the company user while creating as well as viewing instead of person form(default layout). Because we are assigning different form to that user in forms assignment.

Mudassir Afreen.