Sandboxes in AgileApps Cloud Layout rules en Email templates


We use an AgilesApps Cloud environment and we created a sandbox for development. We adjusted some business rules, Layout rules in Webforms and Email templates in the Sandbox. The changes in Layout rules and in Email templates however don’t show when we switch to production. Can anyone inform if Layout rules and in Email templates aren’t included in a package? The business rules are working fine.

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Hi Andre,

You need to setup deployment rules to deploy your assets from dev sandbox to production sandbox. Can i assume that you deployed already when you switched to production or were u expecting that changes in sandbox will directly appear in production?


Hi Gaurav,

I think we did. We made the changes in the dev sandbox. We then deployed it to production. I will check the deployment rules and see if I can find the settings that prevent changes in layout rules and email templates to occur in production.

These are our deployment rules:


Thanks Andre. Did you also actually do the deploy? If yes, can i request you to raise this via the Global support channel on empower. This is a straightforward functionality and works seamlessly.

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