Consider the following scenario

01 12 abc
13 def
03 14 ghi

firstfield - empid
secondfield - age
thirdfield - name

I have created flatfile dictionary and schema.

While running the schema, 1st and 3rd records getting proper values.
But 2ndrecord,empid field fetching the value of the next field as age.

Can you give some suggestions

I can see that you are trying a POC on flatfiles. Good Luck :smiley:

I can suggest you to have a look the Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide

And also follow the link:



Let me know if you have any questions?

what are you using for field delimiter or is it fixed length?

as per your test data you are getting expected results. because in second record there are only two values.

I am using Delimiter

The record has to be get inserted only when a particular field is available in the flat file,if not the record has to be skipped and move on the next record.

For example,if empid is not there in flatfile,the record has to be get skipped.

I need it to be handled in schema itself.

Is there any possibilities to do this?

What is value of delimiter?
in your sample i don’t see any delimiter unless it is space.

Record parser as delimiter.

I have created dictionary using position.

while running the schema,i am getting output as


second record:

third record

i am getting proper proper values for record 1 & 3,but in second record,value getting inserted in the irrevelant field.
So i need to skip the second record in schema itself.

This means that your ff schema definition is not correct as it does not detect the first (empty) field on record 2.

the empty field should be represented by two delimiters with nothing between them.


I am not using any specific delimiter for fetching the fields,using record delimiter as newline.

I am fetching fields based on the position.

empid -0-3

Kindly check the attachment.

emp.txt (34 Bytes)

You mean you have given position in ff dictionary? start and end index?

could you please share screenshot of your ff dictionary\schema