flatfile schema errors

hi experts,
i have a fixed length flat file schema ,when i run my schema with the sample file i am getting the following error
com.wm.ff.parse.ParseException: [FFP.0012.0004] Found no valid records
can anyone please tell me where i am doing the mistake .
i have multiple records each appear unlimited times in the file. and each record is of same length .
please do explain me where i may have gone wrong.

This error indicates that your created FF Schema is not matching according to flatfile sample,so convertToValues or FF editor testing the schema with input text file will through this kind of exception.

Please make sure your schema RecordDefinitions(maxrepeats),field definitions(lengths/positions)defined correctly.This is critical to simple problem.


thanks rmg ,
i did check all the fields and each record is set for unlimited, do i need to specify newline even on fixed length records ,if so where should i specify the newline .i am still having the same problem.

Basically try with delimiter option and specify the newline or carriagereturn depends on your input file…Also make sure start/end positions for fields is in appropriate.


hi rmg,
idk i am still getting the same problem, can u tell me why does it say
“found no valid record”. do i need to set defoult record in flat file definition .i havent set anything there.

If you have dictionary in place then define the default record.Still problem could be schema/flatfile sample not in sync.

Hope you have selected Delimiter option and specified record parser (newline) as per sample.


What is your record identifier, and is it in the right position? example, If you are looking at the first character in each line then Record Identifier setting should be - starts in position “0”

Try to make a dummy schema and a dummy flat file where the dummy flat file is nothing more than
the schema would be field1, field2, …
then you can play with delimiters setting or the positional settings and note the behavior.