Parse Exception: No valid records found: Flat files


I am facing with the above error when i try to parse my flat file thru flat file schema.

I have a flat file which looks like this:

The 1st and 2nd lines of the flat file make one record, like wise 3rd and 4th,similarly with the rest.

positioning for 1st line
0-3: 987

likewise 2nd line, etc

the record identifier is position 9(that is ‘1’ in line 1, ‘2’ in line 2)

I defined rec1(definition of line1), rec2(definition of line2) in dictionary.

In flat file schema,
I created a record(rec) and in rec, i refereced rec1 and rec2


The flat file structure:
I used delimiter for record parser.
For record, i selected the delimiter as newline
and for field, i selected newline as delimiter.

In record identifier, i gave start at position as 9.

I get the above error when i test the schema.

FYI, Till position 0-10, the structure is same for 1 and 2 lines(which make up 1 record as whole)the remaining position description from 11th position changes.

Can you please quide me where i am going wrong.

I am able to solve the problem myself.

I refered in schema, as

01(rec1 reference)
-02(rec2 reference)

delimiter(record parser)
record delimiter as newline
starts at position: 8