Flatfile document sender recognition issue in TN

Hi All :
I am posting an inbound Flat file to Enterprise and get the below error .

Error : Could not determine document sender
Full Message : Could not get ProfileSummary for sender from connected user “Administrator”

The document type is recognized with proper sender and receiver in MWS but the processing status is “done with error”. I have tried many ways to debug the same - Associate the user in the sender profile , restarting IS, reload the TN package ,etc . Nothing worked . Any pointers here is greatly appreciated

Are you passing TN_parms/SenderID when routing the file to TN?

In the Document Type(the Document that you are submitting to TN) > Attributes to extract > Sender ID > Uncheck the functionality to "Retrieve the SenderID from session "

Use the Retrieve SenderID from session option as an alternative way to set the value of the SenderID system attribute.
If set, rather than look in TN_parms\SenderID
for the value to use, Trading Networks uses the connected user.

That means that when the client sent the flat file document to Trading Networks, it had to present credentials-an
Integration Server user name and password. That user name/password pair directly
correlates to a Trading Networks partner.

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Thanks much Shahbaz . It worked like a charm :):slight_smile: .