Finally, how to start learning webMethods has an answer.

Dear All, I find following link worth your time, if you are starting off to webMethods development/learning. [youtube][/youtube]

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Thanks for the share after a long time :slight_smile:

Thank you…

Dedicated to all :slight_smile:

Dedicated to all :slight_smile:

Dedicated to all :slight_smile:

Dedicated to all :slight_smile:


Any reason you had duplicate posts?


Its not my mistake and I am not sure why the message got posted several times.

This is has happened to me many times (and even to other forum members), not sure what could be the problem. Even my browser acts very slow whenever I open the SAG tech community site. I already contact the tech community team but the response given by them was not satisfactory.

I see you are the moderator and if you have the admin access please remove the duplicate messages and do the needful.

It happens,if we press refresh after submitting our post.

Ok I see. Its a bug :lol: Thanks for your information Ravi.

It’s ok Mahesh…just making sure what’s going on or issue with the site: