File recognition for .tif and .zip files in TN

.tif files need to be sent to several trading partners. In the past I have just skiped sending it via TN with

  1. pub.file:getFile
  2. pub.client.ftp

Now I have a TP that wants the .tif sent via AS2. This leads me to believe I will have to use the receivers preferred protocol to send this file. Currently we place the invoice.xml and invoice.tif in a directory made JUST FOR that TP. That would be the only hint I have for who the file is going to.

  1. How do I indicate who this file is for?
  2. Is there a service that allows us to set sender/receiver manually
  3. How would I get the .tif ready for TN to process it.

Thanks in advance

Did you tried using TN ExtendedFields and setup a Custom group which has .tif files information (dirpath,filename etc.)and in the flowservice extract those extendedfields informatioin for that particular partner you wants to send it via TN delivery.