File polling ports getting disabled

On our productuion enviroment several times a week the file-polling ports are being disabled :mad: .

The thing is that we don’t know how and by who.

In the logfile (from level 5) I can see that a port is being enabled or disabled, but I would really like to know who did this, so IP-number, userd-id or something similar to pinpoint the source from our problem.

Anybody a suggestion?



Checking out the session logs might help.

IS will disable its own file-polling ports if the directory being polled is unavailable.


It doesn’t sound like this is what’s happening to you guys BUT…

When we first installed SP2 for IS 6.1 in our dev environments, we noticed that the File Polling ports would get enabled and then immediately disabled on startup. It turned out that SP2 was conflicting with a fix on the server (IS_6-1_Fix72). webMethods informed us that Fix72 had been rolled in to SP2, so we removed the fix from the server and the problem went away.

- Percio